Georges Daoud Corm

The emotions beyond any school

Described by the artist and critic Etel Adnan as the master of Lebanese nature, Georges Corm is another pioneer painter. In his portraits, Corm adopted the modern classical style; his paintings were famous for their romantic color framing portraying the Lebanese countryside landscape; that earned him the title of an impressionist artist.

Born in Beirut in 1896, Georges studied arts at his father Daoud Corm’s atelier. Then, between 1919 and 1921, Corm joined the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Art, i.e. the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, and in 1920, his works were exhibited in galleries and exhibitions held in Paris and Beirut.

Corm immigrated to Egypt in 1930 and lived there until 1956. During that period of his life, he contributed to setting up the “Atelier”. Furthermore, between 1938 and 1955, Georges Corm participated in many exhibitions and galleries in Beirut, Alexandria, Cairo and London

In 1936, Georges Corm became an officer of the Académie de France i.e. the French Academy; in 1955, he was elected an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts of London.

In 1958, Georges Corm was decorated with the Officer Medal of the National Order of the Cedar.

Corm has many publications, the most prominent of which is Essai sur l'art et la civilization de ce temps, the Essay on Art and Civilization in Modern Time published in 1966.

Highlighted Paintings