Amin Sfeir

 A modern-age expressionist artist, Amin Sfeir made his mark through the poetic colors he adopted to reflect childhood and motherhood.

 Born in 1932 in Reyfoun - Keserwan, Amin Sfeir studied art at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA), i.e. the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts from 1951 until 1953. He then pursued his art studies at the Grande Chaumière Academy and at the distinguished National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

 Between 1961 and 1979, Amin Sfeir organized 9 solo exhibitions that revolved around childhood. He took part in many international exhibitions and salons held in Lebanon, Egypt, France, and America. The most prominent of these were the Paris Biennale and the Alexandria Biennale. In 1964, Amin Sfeir received Said Akl’s prize.

 Amin Sfeir was elected mayor for Rayfoun and remained in that position for 33 years. He was awarded the Officer Medal of the National Order of the Cedar.

Highlighted Paintings