Alfred Basbous

 A modern avant-garde abstract sculptor, Alfred Basbous and his brothers Michel and Youssef were known for turning Rachana into a global modern-age sculpture museum.

 Born in 1924 in Rachana, Alfred Basbous started his artistic life as an assistant to his brother Michel who had been building stone houses and churches from 1938 until 1951. In 1957, he studied sculpture at Michel Basbous’s atelier. He organized his first solo exhibition in 1959 at Alecco Saab Gallery, Beirut. In 1960, Alfred Basbous pursued his art studies at René Collamarini’s atelier in the distinguished National School of Fine Arts in Paris.

 Between 1961 and 1993, Basbous organized many solo exhibitions in Beirut, Paris, Riyadh, and London. He also organized 11 sessions of the International Sculptor Atelier in Rachana from 1994 until 2004.

 Alfred Basbous received many honorary prized, the most prominent of which was the National Order of the Cedar in 1974. His sculptures were exhibited in many Arab and international museums.

Highlighted Paintings