Aida Marini

Aida Marini is a modern-age expressionist abstract artist.

Born in Cairo to a Lebanese family, Aida studied arts in the early 50s at the American University of Beirut and at the famous American artist Maryette Charlton’s atelier.

In 1954, Aida Marini first exhibited her works in Beirut. The style of these works which included spontaneous naïf touches ranked her as an expressionist painter. Following the publication of her book “Life in Lebanon”, by the Imprimerie Catholique, i.e. the Catholic Printing House, Aida earned great fame. Life in Lebanon had 10 wood carving paintings. In the early 60s, Aida Marini exhibited her works in Paris, and in 1964, the Christmas card series issued by the UNESCO depicted her art pieces.

Marini immigrated to America and became widely known as an abstract colorist artist. Moreover, she founded the art institution “Aida Marini Schneider Fine Art in Redlands city”.

Highlighted Paintings